Monday, July 28, 2008

A very new baby

Some friends of mine had a baby last week and were gracious enough to let me come over and take pictures and pose her. Shooting newborns is really, really hard work. I don't know about these other photographers that can just pose the sleeping newborns - this is my third shoot and they all screamed bloody murder during the entire 2-3 hours I was shooting them. :( I managed to get a few shots that weren't of a screaming baby though, and will chalk it up to more life lessons in photography. :)

meet baby girl Gwyneth, four days old

don't let that fool you, for most of the shoot she looked like this:

baby head

baby feet

ok last baby feet shot I promise. you can see how unhappy she is in the background

when she was happy, she usually was eating her hand

and an outdoor shot - it was such a nice day not to take advantage of the sunshine!

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Anonymous said...

These are wonderful shots. I always wonder how a photographer feels after trying to shoot a newborn after they have been crying for more than an hour.