Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Squishy newborn shoot

Becky, my willing and cooperative maternity model from this shoot came back with her newborn baby boy and let me practice taking some shots with a squishy delectable newborn. He's about 2 weeks old in these pictures.

Things I learned: newborns DO take a long time to shoot, between the crying, sleeping, nursing, feeding, and all the resting inbetween. :) Also, use less slippery fabric around the boppy because the baby kept slipping down on the fabric I was using. I read somewhere that using a bean bag was best with newborns because it conformed the most to their little curved shape. Overall I was pretty happy with the shoot and learned lots about posing such small babies.

and now onto the picture sneak peek! :)

how he spent about half the shoot, in various stages of unhappy

ahhh bliss

look, we even got some awake shots!

gassy smile

with mommy

with blocks

baby head!

baby hand

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