Thursday, July 3, 2008

The S Family photoshoot

I met this family on location at Idylewood Park in Redmond. I don't think I've ever fully explored that park before, so Samuel and I headed out there early to check it out. If you haven't been there, definately go! It's got a great open area for frisbee, picnic areas, an awesome play ground, and the best part - a real sandy beach with a swimming area maintained by lifeguards! It was a beautiful place to shoot family pictures.

My biggest hurdle for this photoshoot was their cute little boy - who would not smile for me. I tried all my usual tricks - food bribes, Mr. Panda the Pez Dispenser, making clacky noises. The parents even tried to help by playing peekaboo behind my head. This worked great except for family shots. I was a little bummed I didn't capture very many smiles and instead got a lot of pictures of a solemn little boy. Next time I'm coming better prepared with maybe bubbles or some sort of talking toy to try to capture the toddler's interest!

Here's a sneak peek at some of their pictures. :)

the only smile I got from the little boy - the dad was jumping around behind me making quite the show for this to happen

my "artsy" family shot I was trying to emulate from all the nifty posts I see on ILP

Dad playing with the kiddo

same shot, testing out the "vintage lomo" action. Not sure what I think of the bright color overexposure for this particular shot

here is mom looking thoughtful for me. she was a very cute pregnant woman!

Pensive, thoughtful toddler

playing with his favorite puzzle, but still no smiles!

mom and dad!

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