Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another squishy newborn

April from this shoot graciously allowed me to come back and take pictures of her three week old son. As I remembered, newborns did take extra time to shoot, and I'm still working out the logistics of family posing with a newborn. Originally I had him set in the boppy but he was so tiny that I feel he kept blending in with the background instead of looking like a family member! Also, the amount of pee this kid could generate was amazing. I finally gave up and left the diaper on him because it was guaranteed he would pee, then pee again, as soon as the diaper came off! Overall, it was a very enjoyable shoot as April let me pose her little man in all sorts of funny positions as I was trying out different ways to pose a squishy baby. :)

and yes I do have a slight obsession with feet. :)

meet Jack!

mommy and baby

I love this pose and how she's looking down at her baby

nekkid baby with dad

dad and baby

baby feet

how a newborn and a two year old's feet compare

sadly, how Jack felt about most pictures involving his sister

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Anonymous said...

Wow what great pictures. It was our pleasure again to have Alex shoot our now family of 4. Alex thanks again for capturing moments we will never want to forget, they are great.

April (mom of Jack)