Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Newborn, siblings, family - oh my!

This family was probably the most diverse group, age-wise, of people I had to shoot yet in a session. First, there was the delightful newborn who was about 7 weeks old. She had three older brothers who were 5 and in their teenage years respectively, plus a family friend, and mom and dad. Whew! Lots of people to line up and try to find good poses for.

From this shoot I learned that I need to step back further in order to get everyone in focus (and boy would it have been nice to have a wide-angle lense to capture the surroundings better!) especially when I had the f/stop lowered to let in light. The shoot was on location at their house, with the newborn being extremely non-fussy and letting me snap away. The mom was super-helpful in staging everyone and getting everyone ready and smiling. I even got a few captures of the dad and baby together which I thought were sweet. Hopefully they'll enjoy their pictures!

the very sweet baby D

look at that cute smile!

are you looking at me?

everyone loves baby toes!

and my favorite picture of dad and baby

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