Friday, July 25, 2008

Hannah - a photowalk photoshoot

Hannah is our neighbors' daughter and was gracious enough to come out with me this last weekend and let me pose her in different areas of Seattle. It's very different shooting a teen than a baby or an adult. It's really nice to have someone stand still, make funny poses, and do things like climb trees to get the pose you want. :) I had a lot of fun and hope she did too.

Originally I wanted to go on an art walk around Seattle, find graffiti and fun things to shoot her in front of. Unfortunately, even at 10am we were dealing with full sun, and I don't have reflectors or another person to provide some shade or relief from the harsh shadowing the sun was throwing up on her face. We ended up at the Sodo Art Corridor, which I highly recommend to anyone in the area. It's about three blocks long and full of artwork on old buildings that run along the old BN train tracks. After about an hour there, we headed over to the Botannical Gardens in Bellevue to find some shade and relief from the sun. We settled in the Japanese Yao Garden and took some fun posed pics. I had to deal with the green cast from all the foliage, and maybe next time I'll try calibrating with the grey card first to see if it helps with the color casting!

The Sodo Art Corridor

a closeup of the moon so you can see how gigantic it was. Hannah's head barely made it into the picture


look, a smile!

At the Botannical Gardens. I'm still playing with my BW conversions, and I think these turned out pretty good

I love the bokeh in these shots

BW conversions

and my favorite shot from the photoshoot

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