Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeung Family

I visited this cute family in their home to shoot some family portraits and more formal poses of their two kids. I have to say, I really enjoyed interacting and taking photos of their older son (who proudly told me he was 4 and 3/4 years old...that 3/4 was very important!) He was a fun kid and I hope that the pictures got some of his spontaneity and goofiness across. His seven month old sister was a different story, I don't think she cracked a smile for me once! She was very solemn about the whole experience. I hope their family enjoys this sneak peek!

The Jeung Family. The dad pulled this great bench out from their backyard for posing for photos.

All smiles

posing with his pals Duck and Cow

Little Miss Solemn

I love the look mom is giving her daughter here


IrishNYC said...

Great job, Alex! The photos of the little boy are adorable.

alex nguyen said...

he was an adorable boy to shoot. :)