Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Parish Family

I've been friends with this mom and her family ever since my oldest son was a wee babe. I did their family pictures last year when I was just starting out and learning, and I was thrilled they asked me to take their family pictures again this year. We headed to my newest favorite location, Bellevue Botanical Gardens and walked around the grounds. I'm still working on my color balance issues, and worked pretty hard on getting shots of getting two small kids to stare at me in the same direction at the same time. It wasn't always successful, but made for some fun pictures. I hope they enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

Incidentally, Bellevue Botanical Gardens was preparing for its yearly Garden d'Lights. If you live around the Seattle area, definately check it out! They put up tons of strands of lights to make a virtual dazzling light flower display.

Meet the Parish Family. Notice how the oldest daughter isn't *quite* looking my way. the youngest makes up for it with her very determined stare in my direction.

hey! everyone is at least facing forward in this shot! :)

the oldest daughter

My stunning failure at trying to get this family shot. The youngest wanted nothing more than to eat the dirt and gravel of the trail than look at me.

mom and baby

taking a walk with dad

high flier

sweet daddy and baby moment


IrishNYC said...

Alex, your "failure" is fantastic! I love it even though the baby isn't looking at you. It's really really good!

alex nguyen said...

thanks lori! Someone else pointed out that the dad is sort of growing out of the little girl's head (bah!) but I love the look on the older daughter's face. :)