Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Stubblefield Family

I first knew of this family once we had our first son Samuel and kept seeing these people walking around our neighborhood with a toddler in a backpack and two Great Danes in tow. We got to know them as neighbors better this year because our sons are in the same preschool class. I was excited to shoot their family pictures this year because they are such a cute family and were very amicable towards fun poses with their dogs. The mom explained to me that family photos including everyone in their family (mom, dad, kidlet, and doggies) were pretty important so I tried pretty hard to get some good moments for everyone.

We headed to one of my favorite nearby parks to shoot at, Bothell Landing, because there's plenty of open area, trees, the nice river backdrop, and it is very dog friendly. I will admit, it was difficult to get all five of them to look at me at the same time for pictures. Being Great Danes, they were bigger than the little boy so they couldn't get too excited or else he'd be dragged off his feet and out of the pose. I got lots of shots with the little boy looking at me and the dogs looking away, or the dogs looking at me, and the little boy looking away. It was a little frustrating, but some pictures did come out quite well. I hope you enjoy their sneak peek!

Meet the Stubblefields!

most of my shots had the dogs looking at each other instead of me!

the "kids"

their cute little boy

the human component of the family

and I finally found a family that would help me achieve my jumping family shot

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