Monday, October 13, 2008

The Rossi Family

I met this happy couple at Bothell Landing Park in Bothell on a beautiful fall day here in the Pacific Northwest. The park was a really gorgeous backdrop, with a pedestrian footbridge over to the Sammamish River Trail, the river backdrop, and some historical houses as well. I'm really looking forward to shoot there again.

The wife had told me she wanted some family pictures taken in the gorgeous fall foliage with her, her husband, and their two cutie daschunds. It was my first time photographing dogs so I was pretty excited. I was also pretty excited that this couple were pretty easy going to any suggestions I had, including my obsession to get a picture with leaves falling around them - perfect for fall!

The happy couple

the footbridge

in front of the historic old school house

such good sports to pose for me

laying on the wooden footbridge across the wetlands

family portrait


the husband had the great idea to have me shooting while the dog ran across to him. This was my favorite shot of that series

happy autumn


Rowdy and Bette said...

Nice photos, cute couple, and an even cuter dog!

Your pals,
Joey and Maggie

Anonymous said...

Really creative shots! Happen to be pretty prejudice about the subject matter, but was thrilled to see people I love so much "up close and personal" having a great time with each other and the puppies on a beautiful day. Great job, Alex! Tony's Mom

Anonymous said...

Alex, These are great! Looks like you've been getting lots of business.