Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dana and Idris

Dana is a good friend of mine who is getting married. I met her and her charming fiance Idris last weekend at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. They agreed to be my photography guinea pigs and let me shoot their engagement portraits. I was pretty excited, as I'd never been to the Olympic Sculpture Park before and it was a pretty nifty place. Dana and Idris were really great to work with, and pretty willing sports to do whatever I directed of them. I am kicking myself that I didn't bring along my sheet of "interesting and artsy engagement poses" and as such, felt that I had a lot of stiff, formal poses for the portraits. However, I did get some nice shots of the two of them, and definately had a lot of fun in the process. Hopefully they did as well!

The happy couple

such great loving looks they gave each other

Dana, Idris, and of course the Space Needle

they are both great dancers

at the end of this little dance set Idris picked Dana up and I snapped this shot

checking out the view of downtown Seattle

overlooking Puget Sound

and my favorite shot of them

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IrishNYC said...

Nice job! I really like the b/w with the Space Needle. I love pics that are unique to their city like that.