Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Mitchell Family

I've known the Mitchell family for a very long time. The daughter and I met on the school bus during junior high, and have been friends ever since. It was my pleasure to take their family pictures this weekend. We met at Martha Lake Park in Lynnwood, which is actually a very pretty little park. It's right by the lake with docks and piers, plus plenty of open green space to play and run around for little energetic toddlers. There were three generations of Mitchells in the pictures, and it was really cute to just see the little cousins together.

One difficuly I had during the shoot was getting both kids to look my direction at the same time and getting smiles. I finally settled for just getting them to both look at me and one of them to smile. I'm also still working on posing, positioning, and shoot bigger family portraits without them looking too stiff or forced. The weather was a bit on the colder side the day of our session, which made finding non-forced poses difficult as people did not want to stay outside for very long. Hopefully with more practice I'll be able to shoot shots that are as fun and candid as my baby portraits.

Meet the Mitchell family

Mom and Dad Mitchell

I love the look on his sweet face

baby tossing!


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