Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Photoshoot - Cecilia

A friend of mine from Samuel's Little Gym class was kind enough to bring her daughter over and let me practice some techniques on her. Cecilia was a dream to work with - she followed directions to a T and was a total ham for the camera! I wish all kids were this easy (including my own!) Her only wish was to take pictures with her fancy dress, where her personality really shined through. What a cutie!

These three were taken with the 50mm at f2.8 and f2.5

say "cheese!" and finally using my green seamless. That sucker is huge, it takes up my entire living room!

in her "fancy" dress, using the smaller Superior arctic white seamless


b said...

Were you using lighting with these? it looks very natural, only problem is with the 2nd one where you've got a bit much shadow on her left compared to the other side, and her face is in the dark :)

alex nguyen said...

hi B! I was using natural sunlight that was coming through my dining room window (it's a slider door so lots of light). I had the backdrop set at 45 degrees to the window. And yeah, I realized in the second picture her face is more shadowed, I got her to turn around for the rest of the shoot but she was twirling in the "fancy dress" and I couldn't miss the shot at the happiness on her face. :)

so kind of like this:

XXbackdrop at 45 degreesXXX

Cici I

b said...

figured it was natural light, might be worth investing in a reflector, they do come in handy for bouncing some light onto the other side in situations like that, even if you can get a big board of polystyrene, the white generally does enough light bouncing to do the job without having to pay for a reflector!

I presume you know who this is btw, it's just using my blogger account which I use for the biking blog, which I'm keeping fairly anonymous

alex nguyen said...

I do actually have white foamboard, but forgot to bring it out for this shoot! live and learn, eh?

and yes, your location plus the B gave you away. ;)