Friday, June 13, 2008

Natural light

My favorite light to work with is natural light. I'm pretty lucky, living in the Pacific Northwest we get such awesome diffused, natural lighting. People often say to me, boy it's too bad you don't get sun, it must make it hard to take pictures. What are you talking about, these overcast skies are great for setting your exposure and nice, even lighting! I'd take overcast over straight sunshine with harsh shadowing any day. :) Or maybe because I'm just starting out it's easier (and cheaper!) to use what nature has given me then shell out money and time to learn how to use a speedlight or studio ligthing proper. ;)

These were taken while we went camping at Moran State Park and on the ferry boat coming back to the mainland.

I love how if you look into his eyes you can actually see the trees and sky reflected behind him. This was taken at dusk at the campsite. 50mm, f2.8

On the ferry boat, light streaming in from Samuel's right hand side. 105mm, f4.5

by this time, Samuel was done with me trying to get him to look at the camera. I love the bokeh in this one. 175mm, f5.3

"no more pictures mommy!" 80mm, f5.6

So there you go - natural lighting at its best in the pacific northwest.

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