Sunday, March 8, 2009

Military Family

I had done a military family model search a while back and got Family B from Fort Lewis interested in a photoshoot. They were willing to drive all the way to me in order to get their pictures done, and were so awesome and willing to work with me on different poses. I have a lot of respect for the men and women who are out there, every day, fighting under the American flag, and I hope that these pictures do them a little justice.

Family "B"

their kids were adorable

sweet moment with dad

sweet moment with mom

sweet moment with each other! I love how it looks like she's placing her hands on her heart

a different family shot

I think I literally went "awwwww" when I snapped this capture

my ultimate bribe is lollipops. I think she was a little too happy about her lollipop and I had to snap a picture of the face she was making

being serious with dad

Go in peace


IrishNYC said...

The kids on the steps is so sweet! Another great job, Alex!

alex nguyen said...

thanks Lori! I had a lot of fun with this family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex! These turned out great. I'm so excited to see the whole gallery!