Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss I - One Year Old

This mom contacted me through a website called MiNeeds, which is a handy place for people who are looking for a service to get bids from professionals (photographers, lawyers, everything under the sun) and also a great place to advertise your work. She wanted pictures of her one year old daughter taken, and came over so I could capture her sweetness and innocence. At first little Miss I was a little bit wary of me and my camera, but mom and dad were always right there with her, and by the time we got outside she was all smiles. Here's a sneak peek at the results of the photoshoot!

Meet Miss I

with dad

with mom

She had the cutest clothes

Hesitant smile

mom was all ready with multiple outfits!

All smiles outside

1 comment:

m_m said...

simply and incredibly chic and beautiful! my own favourites... the one with the traditional blouse on , that one with mam, that one with dad and... the princess dress... just unbelievably beautiful!